Their Last Supper

Crush Goddess “Veronica Rose” walks in and see’s some larger goldfish in a bowl that are surrounded by armed guards (snails) but this Giantess knows that they are not match for her. Veronica gives the fish some fish food and tells them that this is their “final meal”… She removes her shoes and stands over the bowl. Laughing at how scared they are. She picks up each fish and gives it some “special attention” before she places her big toe over their body and taking her other big toe and crushes it, splitting it in two and even grinding her toe nail into their eyes! What destructive toes this giantess has!!! She then laughs at the armed guards and tries to crush them with her toes, but these guys do have a hard shell. But this Giantess doesn’t care, she’ll just quickly get rid of them with her heel! Once she has destroyed all of the players, she states that this is what happens in her world!


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