They Usually Pay

Alexandria’s Star “Stefania” has taken things a bit too far! You see once she realized that she could turn men into fish, she started her own little business. Stefania turns men into fish and then calls their wives and demands a ransom for them! I mean we all know that times are tough but I NEVER would’ve thought she would go to this extreme! Stefania has you caught in a little bowl and you can hear her on the phone with your wife! She’s telling her that she has given her plenty of time to pay up and if she doesn’t pay quick, then Stefania is going to have to get rid of you! You cannot believe what you are hearing. Stefania enters the room and tells you that you must have been one shitty of a person because your own wife, won’t take your own money, and pay for you to get out of this situation! You start freaking out in your bowl because you really don’t know what to do! Stefania takes a picture of you to send to your wife because she must not believe that Stefania seriously turned you into a fish! But for some reason, your wife just isn’t going to pay! Sad thing is they usually pay! So there is only one thing left for Stefania to do – she swallows you down alive!


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