Ultimate Witch Trap

Alexandria’s STAR “Corryn” is an actual witch in real life…. And she has turned a bunch of men that were previously in her life into goldfish, for she has a plan for them. She enters the room to find a note by her fish/men… She reads it “Corryn, here is a secret admirer that I met with and gave him your little potion… ENJOY Luv, Alex”…. Corryn picks up her biggest fan and tells him she is going to save him for last! She plucks out her 1st victim, her high-school teacher who sexually harassed her when she was trying to be a good student. Corryn tells him it is her turn to teach him a lesson. That there is no life after death, JUST DEATH! And Corryn swallows him down alive! Corryn then pulls out the boy she had the biggest crush on but he never noticed her! I bet he notices her now!!! She makes a deal with him to hold on to her tongue ring and NOT go down her throat. If he does, she will spare his life! The next victim is her 1st boyfriend… This boy betrayed her by telling everyone about their sexual encounters. Corryn is going to trap him inside her mouth! Her red lips mean DANGER!!! Corryn is not messing around with these boys… Then she takes these two boys that tried to rape her and she turns them into the victims! What power that is… She makes them watch as she swallows them down! She can hear their screams but now she is “raping” them!!! Last she takes her “biggest” fan and she mouth plays with him on the glass. She asks him if she is giving him everything he ever wanted… She even gives him a chance to hold on to her tongue ring and if he can, she will turn him back and they will be girlfriend/boyfriend… But if he cannot, he will become a part of Miss Corryn… O wait! He doesn’t have any hands. I guess we know what happens to her biggest fan! “Welcome, to your ULTIMATE witch trap”!!!!


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