Victory Crush

Crush Goddess “Amo” has all of her victims lined up in a row… 4 Blue Crabs and one Big Lobster! They are all waiting their turn to get under her HUGE size 11 feet! She wants to see if any of them can withstand the weight of an amazonian standing on top of them! One at a time, she takes her victims and makes sure they are facing the camera and then steps on top of them with just one flip flop crushing them to pieces. Finally she gets to the lobster. She places him sideways and puts her full body weight on top of his tail using both feet. He’s a tough one but Amo isn’t giving in quite yet. She spins him around to face the camera and she stands right on his head and crushes him! Amo Morbia = 5 – Victims = 0! Amo stands in her Victory Pose! Then sits down, removes her flip flops, shows off her nasty feet and tells all the other “amazonians” out there what a great work out this is!!!


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