Wanna See My Ass

We haven’t done a butt crush for quite some time so I decided that I wanted to see just how much damage Miss Michelle Peters could do with her 92 lb self!!! Michelle walks into the garage and finds two lobsters and two blue claw crabs sitting there looking at her ass. So she’s going to give them exactly what they wanted – HER ASS! She places one lobster and one blue claw crab on a stool. Puts a wooden board on top of each one and flattens them with her ass. Next she takes one lobster and one crab, puts each one of the floor, places the wooden board on top of each one and flattens them. Just when she thought she got rid of the peeping toms, she notices you staring at her ass. She walks over to you and gives you a little piece of her mind. Telling you that you will NEVER get her ass…


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