What A Bad Bitch Does

I have done plenty of barefoot clips throughout the years but I’ve got to say, I think this one might be the one! So here’s what happened… Crush Goddess “Michelle Peters” comes by for a visit. I got some fish on hand and ask her if she would like to crush them. Of course we know her answer. But the shoot wasn’t really “set up”. So when we got started, I remembered that I received an email from “a fan in san fran” saying how he thought Michelle was a bad bitch! So while the camera was rolling, I decided to tell her on camera! You can tell it kind of threw her off a bit because I NEVER speak on camera during a clip. But I kept talking to her. Asking her what YOU wanted? And she would answer. You can hear my reactions to her AMAZING barefoot crushes! I mean these crushes are like no other! THEY EXPLODE! Michelle tells you to cum on her feet. She gives you a cum countdown! I mean there is just so much in this clip that it probably is my new favorite barefoot clip! Tell me what ya think and if you agree! That THIS is what a bad bitch does!


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