Which Panties

Crush Goddess “Stefania” comes home from buying some new panties and she wants to show them off to her “slaves” that she has in the garage. She tells them that she is the boss and they must do as she says. She takes half the crawdads and places them on a stool and tells them if they fall off, she will punish them. She places the other half in a circle and tells them NOT to move out of the circle. She then struts across the room in her 1st pair of panties. She walks out of the garage and comes back in with her 2nd pair of panties on. She struts across the room and realizes that they did not listen! And for this, they must be punished and she steps on each one, just a little bit, not enough to kill them, just enough to demobilize them! She leaves the garage and comes back with the 3rd pair of panties on. She asks them which pair they like better. Some don’t answer and some say NONE! They just pisses Stefania off so she places all her slaves in a circle, she half crushes them all just to punish them NOT to kill them! She also takes a candle and burns them just a bit. When stefania has made sure each crawdad was punished, she then takes a few of them, places them on the stool and the crushes them with her ass! Since they didn’t want to choose a pair of panties they liked best, Stefania chooses for them!


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