Willing Participants

Alexandria’s STAR “Sky” put out an ad for men to come over and participate in a sexy night of “VORE”… She had many respondents but only chose 6 lucky gentleman and YOU are one of them! She makes you wait in her closet for hours until she is ready for you . She lets you out and asks if you are ready for her, for her tits & ass and her mouth! You notice a fish bowl behind her and ask what that is for and she tells you that its for you and before you know it, you are shrunk down and put into the bowl! You are freaking out, you have been turned into a fish and you can see what this sexy blonde is doing to all the others! She is plucking everyone out one by one and swallowing them whole! OMG, she is enjoying herself so much that you do not stand a chance of getting out of this alive! It’s now your turn, you try to escape but Sky is just too fast and she swallows you too! This sexy hot blonde is now satisfied feeling all of her “willing participants” swimming around in her belly! I guess you should’ve found out what the word “VORE” meant before answering her ad!


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