You Piece of Shit

Alexandria’s STAR “Angel-Rose” is so excited that you chose her to consume you and shit you out! Angel tells you that this has been a dream of hers to actually swallow a whole man, feel him slide down her throat and then land in her stomach acids where you will dissolve! Angel shows you the inside of her mouth where you will be going. While showing you, her belly gets very anxious to eat you and starts making very loud noises! Angel-Rose then swallows you and she forces your way down into her belly, kicking her in the process. Her belly is so full that now she is going to take a nap until your digestion process is done. Angel then wakes up and runs to the bathroom, for it is time to release you! She inspects what is left of you, a few bones, some hair and even your teeth! Angel wishes you farewell and flushes you down the toilet!


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