Your Fantasy

Well here it is…. YOUR FANTASY!!! It is finally coming true. You have been shrunken down into a small fish and you are going to go under Goddess Makayla’s pantyhose’d feet! WHAT A DREAM CUM TRUE HUH? First though, Alexandria asks Makayla what she thinks about taking a life. And then she is asked what she thinks about men who enjoy the crush fetish…. Alexandria then gives her a couple helpless victims to demonstrate what she would do to them. Alex then hands her YOU…. Here tiniest fan! And she wants to crush you on her favorite place… HER BED! She asks you if you like her long strong legs before she lowers her pantyhose’d feet on you and she crushes you into her bed! She bounces ontop of your pathetic body… So be careful what you wish for, because sometimes it might just come true!


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