Your Fault

Crush Goddess Liz have been wearing these sexy black boots all day and her feet are nasty and smelly. She comes home and tells two of her worm slaves to crawl inside her boots. But these slaves know what is coming if they listen to her instructions… DEATH! So they do not obey Liz’s command. This just COMPLETELY pisses Liz off and she decides to take 1/2 of the worm’s family & friends and place them inside her boots. She tells the 2 slaves that this is all their fault for not listening! She places the 2 worms on top of the table so they can watch what is happening to their loved ones! She jumps all around and stomps HARD turning them all into goo. Then she takes the 2 slaves and places them on the floor and she removes her boots to see how nasty their family looks on her feet! She puts on another pair of boots and puts the rest of the worms family inside her boots. Zips up the boots and jumps all around and stomps HARD completely demolishing them all. Liz then picks us the 2 slaves and places them inside her boots and they covered with the guts of their own family! She jumps all around and tells the slaves how this was all their fault. All they had to do was listen to her! Liz then sits down to cool herself off and she tells you how destroying these slaves is almost better than sex!
NOTE*** Whether you are an “in shoe” fan or not, this is a must watch. You can literally feel Liz’s anger. Who knows, you may even become a fan of it!


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