50 Guppies

Look Who’s Back!!! It’s Alexandria’s STAR “Nikki”… Got to love when Nikki comes back into town for she just shows up and does whatever she wants… And this time, she walks into Alexandria’s house and helps her hungry belly to 50+ Guppies that were being raised by their mommy and daddy!!! But Nikki doesn’t care because she thinks that she is helping the guppies escape from their parents. Nikki places the mom and dad in a separate bowl and she makes them watch and she devours each and every guppy right in front of their eyes. She even gets mad a couple times when she notices that they can’t watch as their offspring gets smaller and smaller with each handful! Nikki swallows 50+ guppies and then moves on to the parents. I mean she’s not “that mean”, of course she has to reunite them… IN HER STOMACH ACIDS!!!


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