You Look Delicious

Alexandria’s STAR “Nikki” is on the hunt for her next meal. You watch as she spots something moving. She crawls up on the bed and then watches. She then crawls up to the bowl and finds something a little “different” then what she is used to eating! She doesn’t know what it is but it looks delicious. She grabs the goldfish and tells this unknown creature to watch as she swallows it for this is what is going to happen to IT…. She swallows the fish and then picks up the bowl to inspect this delicious looking creature. She pulls it out of the bowl and feels his strength in between her fingers. She feels how slimy it is and how long it is. She tells him he is going to feel so good sliding down her throat!!!! She mouth plays with the creature for a bit before she lowers his entire body down her throat and then swallows! OMG it feels so good sliding down her throat! It tickles her insides o so good! But now it is time to go find her next victim and she crawls back off the bed….


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