A Cat In Heat

There is one thing that you’ve got to love about the “old timers”, they are confident, sexy as hell, know exactly what to say and they actually enjoy swallowing live fish! And that is EXACTLY what you get from Michelle Peters in this clip. Michelle has put out some excellent clips, but this one ranks up there as one of her best! Michelle is like a cat in heat. You will watch her as she slowly moves around the fish bowl allowing the fish to watch her each and every move until she stops, plunges into the bowl and pulls out her first tasty treat! O GOD, she just loves the feeling that she gets as they slide down her wet throat! She thinks its funny how they are watching her, terrorized by her moves…. They should be for every time to plucks one out, it is one closer to their turn to be next! Michelle is mesmerizing in this clip and its so nice to watch her REALLY enjoy what she is doing!


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