My Disobedient Sons

Alexandria’s STAR “Michelle Peters” is a well known goddess and her sons know that Michelle wants/deserves to be treated like one! But her 7 sons have not lived up to their mothers expectations so she turns them all into goldfish and has them all in separate glasses… Each one has a certain job to do before they are swallowed alive! The best son tells his Goddess mom that she is right, that men are inferior to a woman and that pleases Michelle. He tells her that he is willing to sacrifice himself to her… The next son is to worship his mothers feet before she places him in her mouth and uses his bones & protein as energy for herself… One boy has a giantess fetish and always wanted to be swallowed by a Goddess… Michelle loves that her son has realized this fetish. And she also knows that he is a virgin and so she insists that he watches his mommy’s mouth as he gets himself off for the 1st time and then once again while he is in her mouth and then once again as he is being digested in her belly…. This really turns Michelle on! She grabs another one of her disobedient sons and makes him worship her ass for this is the ass he will be coming out of… One lucky son get to worship the pussy that he came out of… And the final son, Goddess Michelle decides to surround him with her spit and he tries to absorb it, but she sucks him up quickly and swallows him. She then lays back and enjoys all of her disobedient sons as they swim around in her Goddess belly…


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