A Perfect Day

Alexandria’s STAR “Victoria” comes home from her jog, opens up the fridge, and grabs a water bottle full of fish. But she is so thirsty that doesn’t even care that she is drinking the fish down too…. Then it is time for her bath. Victoria strips down to her bra and panties and gets into her nice warm bath. There she finds 6 fish to enjoy her bath with. She explains to them where they will be going. And that her stomach is going to digest them. And in a few hours, they will be reduced down to bits and pieces in her shit! Once she is done with her fishy friends, she towel dries off and goes into the bedroom where she finds her boyfriend calling. He tells her he’ll be home in the morning and to have a great night. Victoria just thinks this day was A PERFECT DAY! But she then realizes that she has more fishy friends swimming in a bowl that she has to get rid of before her boyfriend comes home and finds out about her secret fetish. Once Victoria has places all of those fish inside her belly, she snuggles up under the covers and goes to bed…


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