Victoria’s Respondants

Alexandria’s STAR “Victoria” is at it again! She saw how easy it was to put an ad in the paper for a night of “VORE” and how all these dumb men actually responded… It’s a perfect scam! So this time she has you all waiting in garage for her and she walks in and asks if you are ready. Eagerly you all say YES. Next thing you know you are swimming around in a bowl and can’t escape! Victoria laughs and picks up the bowl and moves into a more comfortable room. She asks you guys if you did your due diligence by researching what the word “VORE” means and if you are here as a willing participant or if you just a dumb man who thought that you were coming over to have sex with her! You watch as her hand comes into the bowl to grab one of you but none of them return! Now there is only one left. Victoria wants to make you suffer. She doesn’t want it to be over yet. She wants you to wake up each day wondering if today is your day to die! So for today, you are safe!


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