A “Vore” Valentine

Alexandria’s STAR “Angel-Rose” gets your delivery today – A dozen roses and a bowl full of goldfish for Valentines Day! She is so excited, they are perfect, beautiful, colorful, smell o so good, and she can’t wait to swallow them! O and the flowers are great too! She puts them right to the side and is in complete heaven! How did you know that is exactly what would make her day today! She’s so lucky to have a man like you! She swallows each and every one with no water, for she simply cannot help herself. She even lets a couple of them jump around and see if they land right in her mouth! One tasty little morsel actually makes it right into her mouth, he must have been so excited to be getting swallowed by such a lovely mouth! He couldn’t wait for his journey. Then you call Angel and ask her if she got your delivery. Of course, she says, the fishes were so perfect. They were so yummy! Yeah, I got the flowers, but those fish were so perfect!!!! What? They were for the aquarium? Well, they certainly into a new aquarium!!! lol HAPPY “VORE” VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!


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