Getting The Job

Alexandria STAR has passed the first round of the interview process and has now moved on to the “personality” phase of the process. She meets with the Head of Sales Miss Angel-Rose and they are finishing off with some final questions. Angel is very impressed with Alexandria and tells her she would like for her to come back for the final phase, which may be a little strange to some of the candidates…. Alexandria really needs this job so she is eager to do whatever it takes to get the job! Angel tells her that the final phase is “feeding her”! And not only would we be feeding her, but the final candidates must rub her belly and help her digest all the food that each candidate brings in… She also wants each food to impress her and the one that does the best, gets the position! The next day Alexandria comes in for her “scheduled feeding” and she enters Angels office. Angel is stuffed with plates of empty food, wrappings and actual blood dripping down her chin… Alexandria then starts Angel off by tying her to her chair. She has Angel close her eyes and she rubs her delicatessen all over her lips. Angel opens her eyes to see that Alexandria has chosen live goldfish to feed her and she is very impressed!!! Angel loves the goldfish as they slide down her throat so much, that she demands Alexandria to untie her. She grabs the entire bowl of goldfish and swallows the rest of them right from the bowl. Now it is time for Alexandria to finish with the rest of the interview by massaging and rubbing Angels belly to help her digest. Alexandria suggests that they go into the living room so Angel can lay down. She grabs the glass of blood and brings it with them. She pours the blood into Angel’s belly button and licks it off getting the blood all over her lips. She massages Angels belly and then asks “So, did I get the job”??? Angel replies _____________________________!!!


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