An Intense Journey

Hold on to your seats because Alexandria’s STAR “Skyler” is about take you on a very intense journey…. She looks at you both swimming around aimlessly in the bowl. She grabs your friend and you get to watch as he starts his journey… He starts out “down below” and then works his way up to her stomach, which is his final destination. Then he moves up to her chest, onto her neck where you see Skyler contract her throat muscles to show him how strong they are. Then he moves up to her luscious red lips and then slips inside her dark wet hole – HER MOUTH! You watch as she wiggles her strongest muscle all around his body before she places him at the back of her throat and he slides right down and begins his journey! Skyler is in Ecstasy… She loves the way her stomach feels as it attacks her victim… You don’t know what to do, you try to swim away because you know it’s your turn, but there is no where for you to swim… YOU ARE TRAPPED! You see her gigantic hand reaching in to your bowl. You try to dodge her fingers but then she gets a hold of you! And you now know that it is your turn to take the journey!


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