This Is War

Alexandria’s STARS “Skyler & Ryder” are sitting down on the couch having girl talk when all of a sudden Skyler spots you running and hiding! You hide behind the couch in fear of your life! You’ve never seen such big people before! Skyler points you out to Ryder and they move over in your direction. You try hiding as much as you can but they kinda seem nice. They tell you how cute and adorable you are so you come out to play with them. The two giantess keep showing you their mouths and how much fun it would be to be inside one of them! But they start arguing over you, and they want YOU to decide which mouth you would like to play in… Skyler’s or Ryder’s? They both show you deep inside their mouths until finally you jump into one of them and she SWALLOWS YOU! The other Giantess is upset because wanted to eat you! So the two go searching for more…


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