We haven’t seen Alexandria’s STAR “Angel-Rose” for quite some time now… But today, she comes over with a shit ton of guppies and she tells you that she stole them from their mother and father! And that she wants to “annihilate” the entire population. So she is going to swallow every one of them! There are so many of them, they are jumping all around trying to escape her for they don’t want to be annihilated! But there is no escaping Miss Angel-Rose… She fills her chalice with over 25 of them, puts the glass up to her gorgeous mouth and drinks the entire glass…. But she is not done yet! She was serious when she wanted them “all gone”! Her chalice refills itself for it nows there is more to come. Angel then pulls out the remaining 25 and shows you them all swimming for their lives! But Angel thinks its funny. She loves that she can feel their fear! Once again, she puts the glass up to her gorgeous mouth and finishes them all off… No more offspring for this family of fish!
Not while Angel is around…


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