Because of You

Let me explain something to you… You cannot hang around and hide in my closets 4 ever, without me eventually catching you! I got rid of you for a reason! Do you really think there is no reprocussions? Well there is! And today you’re about to have a bad day. You see, you need to know that I am still in charge here. I still own you! So what I have done, is simply for your own good! Well, maybe for their own good. I have captured each woman that is in your life and turned her into a small measly goldfish, in which, I am going to get rid of! Yes, I got your mother! I know, I know, she always liked me. But you really cannot be a mommy’s boy forever so down my throat she goes! Next, the girl I keep seeing coming in and out of your house! Are you seriously trying to pretend you are worthy of anyone’s love? Well your not, so I’m doing her a favor! And yes, I got your bitch X… the one that was always jealous of me! I do appreciate her fight, but she’s got to go! I get the girl you’ve been flirting with at your job, the girl you’ve been emailing when I read your phone!!! And of course, the most important woman in your life. I made her the smallest since I consider her “the most” insignificant! I even drink water to make their suffering last as long as it possibly can! Now, when you are sad and alone… remember this is all BECAUSE OF YOU!


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