Being The Best

Alexandria’s STAR “Sasha” comes over today for a shoot but realizes that Alex is no where to be found! Sasha is very disappointed for she was so ready for some live creatures to swim in her belly. She notices the fish in the aquarium and sees some things around the house that she comes up with the idea to “practice” while Alex is away. You see Sasha wants to be THE BEST! Sasha undresses and pulls out 7 fish from their current home and is going to get into all kinds of sexy positions while she swallows the fish… She even watches herself in the mirror and realizes how sexy she really is! But wait, Alex is home! Sasha quickly cleans up her mess, gets dressed and in walks Alex… Alex goes to show her the fish but they are gone! Alex asks Sasha what happened to her fish and all Sasha could say is “OOPS”…


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