Boxes of Presents

So once Alexandria, Angel-Rose and their slave Daniella made it back home. They all got changed into different clothes and different boots and they walked out into the garage. There waiting for them were 3 boxes of presents!!! Alexandria made Daniella open the first box and out pops a SCORPION! Alexandria wants to be the first to destroy this creature since they have been sitting around her house for days and she has been patiently waiting to crush them… The next box contains a bigger scorpion and she allows Angel to have fun with that one… Then the two mistresses allow Daniella to have a little bit of fun by crushing their remains. The girls tell her to dance on their guts and Daniella, with her sweet little ass, decides to twerk while crushing them! Alexandria then tells the girls to close their eyes as she dumps out the next box. But since these scorpions have been contained for so long, they quickly try to escape. But no worries… Alexandria’s size 10 stop that real quick! Alexandria keeps one of the scorpions for herself and she gives the other to Angel and the two girls go to down destroying them into bits & pieces. And once again, we allow Daniella to crush their remains… We then say goodbye to “Tony” for we have other plans in store for our slave! Things that were done “OFF CAMERA”!!! LMFAO


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