Couldn’t Resist

Alexandria’s STAR “Michelle Peters” invited me over tonight for dinner. When I got to her house, I noticed she had a bowl stocked full of goldfish! Little does Michelle know that I have an obsession with swallowing goldfish! During dinner, Michelle gets an emergency phone call and asks me if I could stay there until she got back. While she was gone, my obsession took over… I paced around the house trying NOT to swallow my friends fish. So I decide to just swallow one to ease the craving. One turned into two, two turned into three and three turned into the whole bowl as I couldn’t resist swallowing 2-3 at a time until all 12 were gone. My belly was so full of spaghetti and goldfish that when Michelle returned, I couldn’t even get of the chair. She starts yelling at me “Alexandria, where is my fish”? I finally had to admit to her that I had a bad obsession with swallowing goldfish. She was PISSED!!! I tell her to come feel my belly. She pokes my belly causing me to start hiccupping. She gets turned on as she’s feeling my belly that she starts kissing and licking my bloated stomach. Finally, she starts kissing me! I tell her she needs to try it…. That it feels AMAZING! She agrees and off we go to buy 12 more fish…



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