Death By Wonder Woman

Alexandria’s STAR “Victoria Salvatore” has a secret that she keeps to herself…. But we actually caught it on tape! She was reading on her phone that “The 7 Fish” villains were attacking the Tampa Bay Area, and she was certainly not going to sit back and let it happen… As we watch, Victoria turns herself into Wonder Woman and takes off to go find the villains! She catches them at their famous lair all sitting around in their fish bowl. It was a pretty easy catch for Wonder Woman but now it is time to give them their sentences for what they did to her town – DEATH BY WONDER WOMAN’S MOUTH! She takes each one out of their lair and places them into her mouth and swallows each one alive. Some try to jump out, one even gives her a hard time, but she figured he must have been the boss of the whole operation! Once she has swallowed them all, she runs off for her mission here has been complete!


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