Rate Of Fear

Hello and welcome to today’s experiment. Dr. Salvatore will be testing the victims “rate of fear”. She will be trying different methods and then listening to their heart beats to see if she raised their rate of fear. For one of the subjects she places the fish very close to her mouth and allows him to see straight down her throat. But that didn’t seem to raise his rate of fear by much. So she swallows him and grabs her next subject. For this experiment she places him inside her mouth and then listens to his heart beat. Seems as though we have found the trick. Yes, it seems as though Dr. Salvatore’s mouth makes their hearts beat faster and WE get to hear each of their little heart beats each time she tests them. She tries other methods but nothing seems to work quite like her mouth. So this gives Dr. Salvatore an idea. For her final subject she puts the fish inside her mouth with water and leaves him in there, in the dark. not knowing what is going to happen. She then spits him out and then listens to his heart beat. “YES WE DID IT – HIS RATE OF FEAR IS 100% and WE get to hear his rapid little heart beat before Dr. Salvatore puts this subject out of its misery and then thanks you for attending today’s experiment.


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