Des’s Digestion Process

Alexandria’s STAR “Des” stands in front of the camera and show you her sexy body. Then the camera zooms into her sexy mouth. She then picks up her first goldfish and places it on her tongue. You watch to see the fishes reaction. She then takes a sip of water and closes her mouth with the fish inside. She slowly tilts her head back and you get a close up look of her throat as she swallows him down. She then rubs her belly and says “the fish are digesting in my stomach”… she does this multiple times before she lays on the floor and moves her belly from side to side swishing the fish all around as the digest in her stomach. She waits an hour just to see how much damage her stomach acid can cause. Then she regurgitates the fish back up to see just what they look like AFTER going on a trip inside Des’ stomach!


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