Diamond Accepts

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” has watched Makayla’s challenge and has ACCEPTED! When she watched her clip her response was “O, It’s on”!!! I told her “you don’t have to do this, you can certainly try the challenge but you don’t have to swallow the eel”! “Makayla is unbeatable”, I tell her. She said “Why no faith Alexandria”??? So I set the camera up, gave Diamond the tube of fish and the eel and off she went… She swallows the tube of goldfish and shows the fish in her mouth just like Makayla did. She rubs her belly just like Makayla did. But then it was time for the eel!!! She puts it in her mouth and let’s the eel crawl around, just like Makayla did! But now here is the question… “Did she manage to swallow the eel”??? Watch & Find Out…


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