Dinner For Two

You are about to have dinner with two of Alexandria’s stars – Nikki & Lexi! You are so excited to provide them with a spaghetti dinner as well as our favorite dessert – LIVE GOLDFISH! The two girls are so grateful for they are starving. And these two don’t hold back either. I think they are the messiest eaters on the planet! Slurping their spaghetti. Feeding it to each other. Spaghetti sauce all over their faces… these two are incredible! In between their spaghetti eating, they both have three fish sitting in front of them, patiently waiting their turns to slide down into the bellies and swim with the noodles. Once the girls have devoured their plates and their 3 desserts, you give them both a tube of fish. I mean this just is icing on the cake! They both swallow their tubes of fish and then head outside for an after dinner cigarette. They both thank you for delicious meal that you provided them.


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