Drunk Girls

Alexandria STAR invites “Miss Gia” over for a little get together. They haven’t seen each other for a while. They crack open a beer when Gia notices Alexandria’s TUBE full of goldfish. She admires it and when Alexandria walks away Gia tells the fishies that she plans on getting Alexandria drunk and then she is going to swallow them all! Gia’s plan works and she puts Alexandria to bed. Gia sneaks away and swallows down every last fish in that tube. Drunk & full of fishies, she climbs into bed with Alexandria and takes her hand and makes her rub her aching belly. Alexandria, also drunk, wakes up and starts licking & kissing Gia’s belly and they both fall asleep. When Alex wakes up she goes into the kitchen and notices all her fish have disappeared!!! She wakes up Gia and Gia burps in her face leaving Alexandria in the smell of her fishes! Alexandria realizes that Gia ate them and she kisses Gia’s belly to say her final goodbyes!


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