Disappointing Daisy

I mean seriously? Who would want to disappoint Daisy? Everybody loves Alexandria’s STAR “Daisy”… She is our sweet little southern belle! But unfortunately these fish have. They have completely disappointed Daisy and they must go before anyone sees them… All the “disappointments” are placed in a large bowl together. Daisy reaches her giant hands in the bowl and places each fish inside her mouth and then crawls over and spits them into a smaller bowl one at a time… She explains to them why this is happening. Daisy was trying to raise these fish to be beautiful prize possessions so she could show them off to all her friends… But these pip squeaks were so afraid of what was happening to them that they wouldn’t eat, which caused them not to grow! She even compares one to her big toe and explains what a disappointment they all are. That she wouldn’t even be able to sell them in a store for no one would buy these embarrassments! They try and give her excuses, and Daisy even listens but unfortunately, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do….


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