Goldfish Heist

Alexandria’s STAR “Michelle Peters” gets a great offer to “babysit” some really expensive fish. She says goodbye to the owners and goes right for THE GOLD! Little did they know she was actually a thief! But because there is so much security in this beautiful house, she had to figure out a way to get these gems out of there… She quickly decides that the only way to get them out is by swallowing them and pooping them out later! She talks about all the nice things, like a boob job, that she is going to get with her pile of gold! But first, she has to make a nice aquarium for them in her belly so she drinks a whole bottle of water and then devours her precious GOLDfish! After she is done, security calls to make sure everything is ok. She tells them the owner had just called her and relieved her of her duties and off she runs…



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