Dreams Do Come True

Alexandria STAR invited her girlfriend Naomi over to make some lucky men’s dreams come true. You see I had 8 of my biggest fans reach out to me and tell me how it would be a dream come true if they could slide down our throats and see what it is really like inside our belly. So I agreed, what the hell. Why not make some dreams come true. So one by one these 8 lucky men said goodbye to their friends/families and they got delivered to my door in small little packages. Miss Naomi and myself then get to work. One by one we swallow each fish. Some even came with little notes on them. I mean how amazing would it be to be so small and in the hands of a STAR. Then placed inside our mouths, basking in our spit, looking straight down that dark hole and then being pushed down into our stomachs. For some, that is a dream come true!


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