Feeding The Monster

Alexandria STAR is in her room when all of a sudden she hears this continuous loud noise coming from the living room! She goes out there (POV) and asks Scarlet what the heck that noise is… Scarlet tells her “it’s my belly, I am starving”… Alexandria cannot believe her belly is making that much noise. She walks up to Scarlet and listens to her belly. She even shakes it, pinches it and squeezes it trying to make “the monster inside” roar!!! And it works! The more Alexandria plays with her belly, the more noises it makes! Alexandria tells Scarlet that she has the perfect cure for hungry bellies… GOLDFISH!!! Scarlet is so hungry, she doesn’t care what she eats… So Alexandria gets some goldfish and Scarlet quickly swallows them. Then they listen for the monster again to see if they satisfied him! Finally after the third fish, Scarlet’s belly seems to have calm down a bit so Alexandria goes back to her chores but tells Scarlet to let her know if her belly acts up again!


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