Emerson Finds Fairy’s

Giantess “Emerson” finds herself hungry but there is no snacks in the house. She contemplates on what to do… She heard that fairy’s hide in peoples homes in order not to be found. She remembers hearing that they like to hide out in plants so she starts looking and what do you know? She finds one! She devours her and then searches in the kitchen for another one! She looks up and there is ANOTHER ONE hiding in her fan! She swallows this one feet first so that they little fairy can see her surroundings before she goes down her throat! But Emerson’s belly is still not completely full so she searches one last time in the living room and she spots one trying to fly out the window! She quickly grabs her and swallows her down! Giantess Emerson then lays down and enjoys her meal. Once the fairy’s are digested, she begins another quest to search for more.


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