Sky’s Little Man

Alexandria’s STAR “Sky” is hanging out in her room when all of a sudden little ole you cruise on in to her bedroom. You see her on top of her bed and she notices you and you are so scared. But she actually is a really nice Giantess and picks you up and puts you on her bed. She tells you that there are rules and if you are a good boy she will let you go. She licks you a few times but you still feel safe. But then you get nervous and try to jump off the bed which is a very punishable crime. She sticks you under her pillow for a while till she figures out what she is going to do with you. She tells you to tell her that she is a beautiful giantess, she even allows you to worship her feet. Until she finally shows you inside her mouth and in one gulp she swallows you whole! She rubs her belly, tells you it is your fault that she had to eat you.


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