Exploring Angel-Rose

Who doesn’t want to explore Alexandria’s STAR “Angel-Rose’s” body??? Sit back and watch as these lucky fish get that chance. Imagine it was you, excited, waiting your turn in your bowl until you see Angel’s hand reach in and grab you. You start off at Angel’s “sweet spot”. Then you get to see what it’s like right on top of her gorgeous belly before¬†you land inside it! You then get moved up to her powerful neck where Angel shows you what it’s going to be like when she takes that almighty gulp! She then glides you atop of her luscious red lips until she slips into her moist mouth. And that is where she teases you, you keep thinking you are ready to take the plunge, but it’s not up to you, it’s all up to Angel. She is in control….
You are just along for the ride!!!


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