Alexandria’s Star “Makayla” has a “new gig” on the side… Now that she knows and has mastered her powers over the past 8 years, it’s now time for her to act on them! She has been meeting men at bars, letting them think they have a shot to have sex with her, she then brings them home and transform them into a fish! She then will go through their phones and contacts their spouse! She tells their loved one that she is holding him for ransom, and they must do what she tells them! They must deposit her requested amount into her account or else she is going to SWALLOW their loved one and they will never see him again! She dances around her trapped fish victim, knowing that soon she will be on the beach somewhere sipping margaritas and baking in the sun! But after some time, something is not right! She doesn’t feel like this victim’s loved one, isn’t taking her serious! She tries to contact her but with no luck! Her victim tells her that she will pay but unfortunately for him, it’s not looking good! Finally, Makayla decides that she picked the wrong dude, and she swallows him down right from the bowl! And he’s a big one…. Once she has him swimming around in her belly, she looks at her phone and see’s that the deposit has been made! OMG!!!! She’s is going on vacation… But first she has to try and return the fish swimming around in her belly. She tries to regurgitate him back up but no luck! O Well… she’s got the bitches money! Time to go pack…


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