Makayla Swallows 20 + eel

Alexandria and Makayla enter in the house drunk. Makayla’s feeling so hungry and asks Alex for some food. Alex goes and searches in the kitchen but finds nothing. Makayla sees Alex’s aquarium with a snake like creature in it and demands tasting it. She has obsession with swallowing goldfish but she has never seen this kind of aquatic creature. She plays with the eel on her lips and drops it into her mouth. WOW! Alexandria enjoys watching her get turned on and offers her all of her goldfish to swallow. She swallows 20 fish through a tube. Now she feels so stuffed and the girls fall asleep. But she swallowed too much and starts getting very loud hiccups with a belly ache. She wakes Alexandria up, pulls up her dress and asks her to check what’s going on inside with a stethoscope. Alex hears a bunch of movement inside her belly and tells her to sit up so she can rub and kiss her belly. Then they both fall asleep again. But Makayla wakes up again and tries to stand up but can’t because of her big round belly. She was so drunk that night that she can’t remember what she ate and why her stomach is so upset but she can see her round belly through her dress. She shakes it and feels some dead bodies inside. Whatever they were, must have been so horrible that she couldn’t even digest them!!! She gets a last loud burp and falls asleep again. NOTE: MAKAYLA NOT ONLY SWALLOWS THIS EEL BUT SHE ALLOWS THE EEL TO STAY DOWN HER THROAT AND CRAWL RIGHT BACK UP! AND ITS ALL CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!


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