Fish Food

Alexandria’s STAR Michelle comes home and see’s that you haven’t fed your pet goldfish that she allowed you to have but under the condition that you feed them! So she is PISSED! The fish are STARVING! You come in to say and hello and realize that she has noticed and you try to sneak away. But she immediately tells you “to get over here”! She tells you that since you are too lazy to feed your pets, that now your pets are going to feed her! And she starts to swallow them. You start to cry but that just upsets her more and she demands that you swallow one! She takes a nice good look in your mouth and even pushes the fish down your throat! This seems to arouse her… She puts a fish on her belly and makes you give him a kiss… But once again, you turn into a big pussy and start to cry! She was going to allow you to keep this one, but not anymore! Now “get out of my face and by the way you’re grounded”!!!


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