Fishy Turn On

Alexandria’s STAR “Michelle” drank too much last night! She wakes up with her empty bottle of wine and a BAD hangover 🙁 But you know the old saying, “just take another drink”. So she see’s the shot glass next to her bed and takes a swig. BUT something was wrong with this shot, she thinks she swallowed a goldfish! But to Michelle’s surprise, she actually kinda liked it and she thinks its taking her hangover away. So she takes another fish, puts it in the shot glass and takes another shot! Now Michelle is getting “turned on” so she decides to lay back down and swallow the rest of them! She licks them, kisses them even slides them up and down her belly, turning Michelle on so much that she simply can’t take it anymore! So she pulls out her vibrator and pleasures herself until she orgasms!



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