Fun With Makayla

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” came by to create a very cool custom clip with Nina. But whenever she comes over, the two of us like to have a little bit of fun. So I told her to sit down for a had a surprise for her… I turn the camera on and I tell her to say hello to all of her fans… Then I pull out “The Slide”. I explained to her that I was going to pour water down the slide for the huge fish I was going to launch down it and she was to catch them in her mouth. Makayla is always up for challenges and she certainly was up for this one. We have a lot of fun doing this and by the end Makayla swallows 8 HUGE goldfish. Then I pour about 30 small goldfish down the slide and Makayla swallows each and every one of them!


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