Giantess Leah

Alexandria’s Newest & Youngest Star “Leah” has just come down from Olympus to feed her belly! She walks over to the bowl of fish and notices the farmer standing guard. She asks him what he has to feed her belly! He tells her she cannot have his fish farm! She picks up the farmer and tells him that she will just eat him then! He begs her not to eat him and that she can indeed have his fish. She takes the farmer and the fish and goes over to the bed and proceeds to eat a bowl of porridge, in order to open up her belly. Once she has eaten all of the porridge, she eats his entire fish farm! They try to escape but they cannot get away from the grips of this giantess. She then picks up the farmer and tells him that she hopes he’s lactose intolerant because there is a lot of milk floating around where he’ll be going. She swallows the farmer and then this young giantess lays down for a nap after her delicious meal…


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