Going Fishing

Back when I first got into the Crush industry, I had this 18 yr old girl “Anya”, some of you may remember her. I did a couple clips with her before she vanished into thin hair! But for those of you who fell in love with her… Crush Goddess “Tabitha” found her and has brought her back!!! So I decided to put the two of them together so Tabitha could show her the ropes. Once we were done and I was able to watch the clip, I couldn’t keep my eyes of this girl! First off, let’s talk about her legs!!! I have to say this girl has got a set on her that will just BLOW your… MIND! lol Second… You will not be able to stop watching the excitement this girl has to do some crushing! She is so into it that you can’t help but watch her every move and share in her excitement! Her youth, her excitement and her legs are just the full package! We got a trifecta here! Tell me what you guys think… Keep her? My vote is 100% YESSSSSSSSS!


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