In Nina’s Shoes

Crush Goddess “Nina” is on the phone with her girlfriend… and I find that it’s an opportune moment to get some crushing in! I stand behind Nina and secretly place crickets inside the soles of her sandals… She starts telling her girlfriend that she is getting a “weird” feeling, that she is getting turned on but doesn’t know why. Nina starts talking about sexual relations with her friend, what they do for pleasure, what they have or have not done. She even tells her friend that her secret fetish is “trampling”… That she loves to step all over her man. She is amazed that her girlfriend hasn’t tried any fetishes and that she should come over and they can have a “fetish night”… But then her boyfriend calls (YOU) and she tells you how horny she is and wants you to come home! That she has a “tingly” feeling in her feet and she needs to rub them all over you! So “hurry up” & come home, for Nina is waiting with a graveyard in her shoes!


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