Insidious Nurse

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” has been seducing her boss for months now… Making the Dr. her personal sex project and she has him right where she wants him. She convinced the Dr. to make her a potion that turns men into goldfish. And she has used this potion all week on some of her patients. And today is the day that this “insidious nurse” is finally going to live out her own sexual fantasies… She takes all of her goldfish/men and explains to them what is happening here… She swallows each one down giving each one individual attention, making their journeys different from the next! Once she has them all swallowed, she takes her digestion walk and walks herself into the bedroom where the Dr. has been waiting all alone in his own fishbowl. You see, Makayla just couldn’t help herself. She had to turn him too! But she doesn’t let him know what EXACTLY is happening, she makes him believe that the ONLY reason she has turned him is because she believes, from all their sexual experiences, that she might be pregnant and she needs to swallow him so he can quickly check out what is going on inside her stomach and Makayla will quickly regurgitate him back up before her stomach acids dissolve him. That way, he can report back to her if she is really and truly pregnant… Even though Makayla knows SHE IS NOT! Once she has his trust, she swallows him down and then brings him right back up again… BUT the Dr. got to see what was going on inside her stomach! He saw all the other fish being digested below him and he is FREAKING OUT! So Makayla tells him that it is time to become one with his Mistress so she can keep him forever! She swallows him down, tells him how much she has enjoyed swallowing his yummy “love juice” but now it is time to go towards the light, well in this case “the darkness” to the pit of her stomach… Makayla jumps up and down a bit to help him digest and then says how much she is going to miss him!


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