The Bad Maid

Alexandria STAR has her maid “Makayla” over to clean her house while she enjoys a day of golf. Makayla has been waiting to be alone in her house for she wants to “cook up” something special! There is one big juicy fish that she is just dying to eat! She turns on the stove and starts to swallow the smaller fish while the pan is warming. In doing so, she realizes she doesn’t want to cook the big fish, she wants to swallow him alive. She sits on the couch and drinks the entire fish bowl but then Alexandria comes home. She quickly hides the bowl and puts the big juicy fish in her mouth. Alexandria sits down and proceeds to ask Makayla questions but Alexandria can tell something is wrong. She tells Makayla to come sit next to her and she wants to know what is in her mouth! When Alexandria learns that its her fish in Makayla’s mouth and that all of her other fish are gone, she then demands answers! Makayla tells Alexandria about her secret fetish and that she “shouldn’t knock it till she tries it”… Alexandria allows Makayla to swallow her big juicy fish, but under one condition… Alexandria wants to rub it all over Makayla’s belly and then feed it to her! Filled with hiccups & burps, Makayla agrees. The two go into the bedroom and Alexandria feeds Makayla the final fish. The girls fall asleep but Makayla awakes Alexandria due to her burping & hiccuping…. Alexandria knows this is because the fish need to digest so she helps the process by rubbing Makayla’s big belly.


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