Journey Inside Victoria

Would you like to take a journey inside of our #1 STAR “Victoria Salvatore”??? Well here is your chance… Victoria starts by showing off her sexy body and then asks “What would it be like to be inside my stomach” and she then opens wide for you to see down her throat. She then swallows 6 fish (separately) and you get to see her place them in her open mouth, then she closes down and takes a sip of water, leaving the fish in her mouth for a moment before she swallows. Camera pans down to her stomach where she says “The goldfish are digesting in my stomach acids”… She then sits on the floor and swallows a glass full of goldfish before she lays completely flat and wiggles her stomach to start the amazing process… Once the digestion process has been done, Victoria wants to show off what her stomach did to the fish and she regurgitates them back up to inspect them!


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